Did you know that before it was called Soulcypher, it was called Soul Selected?

Soul Selected started as a streetdance formation & family that originated in 2008 in the city of Arnhem, The Netherlands. They all came to the city Arnhem to study dance & embrace a new journey full of risks and love. Soul Selected was one of the leading stand up streetdance crews in Holland during the period of 2010s next to crews as The Kulture Kids, Poparazzi Crew, Moyo Tribe & more. Within this crew were some amazing dancers & creatives that are now internationally credited as:

During 2011, Soul Selected created an event that would highlight the elements of Hiphop with the focus on bringing back the "cypher" as core element of the event, thus Soulcypher event was created in Arnhem. The cypher is the place where you represent who you are and what you stand for, it is a place of exchanging, a spiritual place where magic happens and where boundaries are transcended, it’s a beautiful meeting of cultures & souls. Hence the name “SoulCypher".

After 2012, Ruben Chi continued organizing & leading the event Soulcypher, making it a bigger happening each year until it became a three day festival in the heart of Arnhem city. Together with Roshan "Revo" & Djerraldo Goedhart (Team Orokana World) they embarked into a new horizon with Soulcypher becoming one of the leading Hiphop Dance Festivals in The Netherlands and surroundings.

Board members

  • Hanneke van de Weele (Studio 26) - Voorzitter
  • Tom van der Krabben - Penningmeester
  • Niek Traa (The Ruggeds) - Algemeen bestuurslid
  • Milly Trouerbach - Algemeen bestuurslid

Main editions

  • Soulcypher 2021 - Musis Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2019 - Stadstheater, Theater A/D Rijn & Studio 26, Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2018 - Waalhalla, Nijmegen
  • Soulcypher 2017 - Studio 26, Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2016 - The Level, Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2015 - Posttheater, Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2013 - Luxor Live, Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2012 - Luxor Live, Arnhem
  • Soulcypher 2011 - ROC Rijnijssel, Arnhem


Mission & Vision

SoulCypher keeps the authentic form of Hip Hop alive and visible. We form a learning community for talent development, professionalization of the hip hop scene and enforce strength and connection within the community. Like Hip Hop has always done, we break through patterns on an international level. SoulCypher is versatile, inclusive and loyal to the traditional core of Hip Hop by being focused on the future, connected with the past and being active in the present.

Representing Hip Hop is staying true to yourself and not shaping yourself to the customs of society, using art forms within Hip Hop and practicing the essence of community and unity. It’s a pure form that expresses itself in radical authenticity.

SoulCypher is the Annual, three days lasting Hip Hop Event in the Netherlands where we connect multiple and international generations to the Hip Hop scene, by making use of battles, showcases, performances, panels and more.

Now is the time to celebrate Hip Hop.

Talent Development

We provide a platform that connects talent from different generations and area’s on a regional and international level as we invite judges and provide judges from all around the world. We build a strong hip hop community that lasts and passes on information and inspiration throughout generations.

This exchange is active on an external & internal level. Externally during on- and offline events and workshops where public can interact with each other but also offer chances & guidance to new talent from the scene. And internally active within the organisation of SoulCypher where we create opportunities & space for professionalisation and education in a way that forms a continuing and innovating collaboration

Do we inspire to work on your own talent development? Write us a motivational letter with your ambitions and what you think SoulCypher can do for you at